Traditional Academic Ebacc curriculum

In line with our other Trust Schools, we are committed to implementing a robust curriculum at the Beauchamp City Free School that focuses on delivering strong academic qualifications. As outlined in the Sutton Trust report 2016, ‘Changing the Subject’, there is strong evidence that the Ebacc subjects are a suitable suite of subjects for the vast majority of students in ensuring that they have optimum access to further education and employment opportunities.

Routes to Resilience

As well as offering a range of GCSE subjects, the Lionheart Academies Trust believes in providing a character education. This ensures our students are well prepared for their nextsteps whether they be further education, apprenticeships or work. This ensures that students of Beauchamp City Free School will complete our Routes to Resilience curriculum through which students embark on a range of activities and initiatives that will develop their personal drive, their gumption and ability to persevere in adversity. Research has shown that this developing resilience is a key benefit to all learners, but particularly disadvantaged learners.

Classics for all

A key feature of the Beauchamp City Free School will be its inclusion of Classics as part of the curriculum offer. Research shows that classical subjects equip students with grammar, critical thinking and language skills, support the development of fluency with literacy and develop cultural capital. The Trust has strong links with the University of Leicester and through this has developed a relationship with ‘Classics for All’, a non-profit organisation that argues classical subjects enhance the curriculum to support the development of fundamental knowledge and understanding of the modern world.